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Ferring Stiftung
Hauptstraße 7
25938 Alkersum auf Föhr

The Ferring Foundation was founded by Dr. med. Frederik Paulsen in 1988  in Alkersum on the island of Föhr.

The name "Ferring", written "Fering" in the Frisian language of the islanders, has several meanings: it describes the language of the islanders, the traditional costume of the women, and generally everything that is part of Föhr.

Föhr is a north Frisian Island with an old seafaring tradition and is situated on the west coast of the old duchy of Schleswig, about 20 km south of the German-Danish border. The island covers an area of 82 sq.km, and has approximately 10,000 inhabitants.

Föhr belongs to North Friesland, which is a part of the so-called "Three Frieslands". The others are East and West Friesland. All three distinguish themselves through their own Frisian language and culture.