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The Ferring Foundation in Alkersum on the Island of Föhr was established in 1988 by Dr. med. Frederik Paulsen and is named after the Swedish pharmaceutical Company Ferring AB, which the Founder has established in Malmö in 1950.

The name Ferring - now Fering - is the frisian word for the people and the languge of the Island. Most families speak Fering (Frisian), especially in the villages. There are frisian nursery Schools and Frisian is part of the curriculum at primary and secondary schools.

Föhr and Amrum are north Frisian Islands with an old seafaring tradition. Both are situated about 20 km south of the German-Danish border on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein in the wadden sea. They belong to North Frisia and form a Frisian Language region, together with East and West Frisia.

The Ferring Foundation is a place of Frisian identity and cultural diversity.

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Frederik Paulsen was born in Dagebüll on 31st July 1909. Although he was not born on the island, his relationship to Föhr was very tight from the early childhood.

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Donations to
Föhr-Amrumer Bank eG
IBAN DE 81 2179 1906 0010 5807 83

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